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From: David DavisTuesday, 9.30 PMDear Entrepreneur,

Business names like eBay, Amazon, Google and many more have become world brands that just roll off the tongue. They are so famous that they constantly occupy top keyword search positions in the search engines. In the past, choosing a business name, product name or brand was difficult and time-consuming.

Choosing that perfect domain name that hasn’t been taken is almost impossible…That’s why more and more companies use professional product naming agencies to come up with that catchy name name.The problem is… product naming agencies charge $15,000.

Some services also include trademark searches and catchy slogans to bolster their fees in excess of $10,000.Imagine, some companies even offer product naming workshops charging as much as $7,500 for each workshop.

“Thanks to David’s business name ideas generator, we chose a business name at next to no cost that gave us instant recognition in a market where credibility and ability to deliver excellent services delivered by world leaders is crucial to gaining predominance over our competitors.”

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Robert Patton, BC Canada

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Bhupinder Kholi, Kettering UK

Now naming a business or product could never be easier or cheaper.

Let’s face it as an entrepreneur starting up in business you’re probably trying to chase a small business loan… and paying thousands of dollars to a naming company to come up with ideas to choose a business name is completely out of your reach.

Do you know that many of these product naming services use a secret software tool — that uses a database and dictionary to generate a list of unique and catchy business names, product names and domain names based on answers to a few simple questions?

Using this unique software tool for a mere fraction of the cost charged by these naming companies you can generate ideas and choose a catchy business name and keep your start up capital… to spend on other things.


Choosing a Product Name With This Business Name Generator Is a No Brainer

You can use Business Name Ideas Generator to generate ideas for:

Domain names

Company name

Brand name


Much Much more…

While you cannot choose a name like eBay, Google or Amazon you’re only limited to the extent to which you put your creative juices.

That’s right business name ideas generator is the ultimate creativity stimulator!

What Do You Get With This Unique Business Name Idea Generator Tool?

Everything you need:

Business Name Ideas Generator allows you to use an unlimited number of keywords as it works to generate names.

Dozens of potential name idea combinations in seconds

You can save potential name combinations and print them out for future reference.

An integrated domain check allows you to instantly find out if a domain name is available for any potential name combination. You can even register the domains from within the application.

The complete business naming package for picking the perfect name for your business, product and domain name

Why Use This Software to Start Your Own Business Naming Business?

You can start a business helping your potential customers to choose a business name and make some part-time money earner?

Why not unleash the creative potential of this business name ideas generator and come up with interesting and appealing product names, business name idea and web domain names.

Of course, the fact that most entrepreneurs, product developers and companies needing business and product names don’t know about this tool, is why they either come up with ‘lame’ names, or hire outside consultants to come up with the product names and business names for them.

So what does it take to get into this kind of business? Here’s my list:

A simple website that ranks in the search engines for the keywords words; ‘product naming’ ‘product names’ ‘product branding’ ‘small business name’ ‘choosing a business name’ ‘brand naming’ ‘naming your brand’ ‘ creating a business name’ ‘catchy business name’.

A price list, a contact form, and phone number so potential customers can reach you.

Testimonials from satisfied customers… you’ll have to actually come up with product names – maybe for your own products, or those of others that you have ‘rebranded’ (with permission).

A contract describing the services you provide.

The ability to accept credit card payments or use PayPal or Click Bank instead

Bonus Videos and Script with Tips on the Ten Commandments to Naming Your Business – $97 Value

Discover Business Name Ideas and Business Generator Tips for starting Your own business …the Pros and Cons on Different types of Businesses and Registering Your Business Name PLUS:

  • Keep these Ten Commandments for naming your business away from your competition if you want to dominate your niche.
  • Twelve business name generator ideas so you never get stuck in generating unique business names
  • Want to make your business name catchy? This video will show you how
  • Learn from the mistakes of business owners from this video case study so you don’t make expensive mistakes from business names.
  • Discover seven Ideas For Naming A Product That Sells
  • Use this checklist for choosing your domain name and dominate your niche and add super profits to your brand
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Bonus Audio Version of Ten Commandments To Naming Your Business – $47 Value

For people who prefer to listen while in their car of on the go. Simply burn these audio files onto CDs or convert them into your favorite file format and listen to them at your convenience.

  • Cd audio version of the 10 commandments of naming Your business
  • Cd audio version of 12 business name generator ideas
  • Cd audio version of Catchy business name
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  • Cd audio of checklist for choosing domain name

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“I have just bought the business name ideas generator software and I had to write and tell you how happy I am with it. I wasted much time trying to come up with business name ideas for my new business and how to make it fit my target market. I even considered the idea of paying a small fortune on hiring a naming company. I purchased the business naming software and within a few minutes I had the name I wanted. The software has saved me some money (thanks) and helped me to get my business off to what is hopefully a good start.”

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